SmartLock MIFARE® Proximity Access System

This System Has Been Superceded

Please see SmartLock Wireless Network

SL950 System

The SL950 system is a wire free, stand alone, intelligent computer based system that uses MIFARE® Proximity technology offering an easy to use, secure access solution, ideal for small and large installations. It consists of a battery powered door mounted lock, a mains powered unit to control electric locking mechanisms, lifts etc. and a PC, Reader / Writer and PDA management system.
Proximity Reader

  • Hotels
  • Academic Establishments
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Anywhere that simple, reliable card access is required


Just put a programmed card near the lock to operate.


  • Centralised card programming with easy to use windows based software.
  • 5000+ door units
  • 10,000+ User cards
  • Each card can be programmed for access to doors and areas, time and date validity, shift access etc.
  • Simple card invalidation
  • 1000 event lock trail
  • ISO printable or pre-printed cards, tokens, etc.
  • Cards can be used for multiple sites and multiple applications

SL 950B Lock

SL950B Door Mounted Lock

The SL950B door mounted lock is a compact, self contained unit comprising of front and rear handles and a stainless steel mortice lock. The lock simply bolts through the door and lockcase.


  • Programmable open duration
  • Free access mode
  • Programmable free access times
  • Programmable master card only access times
  • Unique conference mode facility

Interior wall mounted MIFARE reader controller SL950W

SL950W Interior Wall Mounted MIFARE® Reader Controller

Interior wall mounted MIFARE® reader controller SL950W, part of the SL950 stand alone access control system and / or “Do not disturb” / “Make Up Room” indication and Door Bell.


  • Door Bell
  • “Do Not Disturb” or “Make Up Room” indicator
  • Compatible with SL950 stand alone access ontrol system

A mains powered reader / access control controller to fit a standard single gang back box (bespoke designs may be possible to suit electrical fittings), to operate a standard electric locking device. This system is totally compatible with the battery powered lock SL950B and the Mains Powered external / high usage controller and reader SL950M.

The controller can have incorporated a door bell and “Make up room” / “Do not disturb” indication with a internal room switch or you may have the system without the access control. The bell is not operational when the internal switch is set to Do Not Disturb.

SL900M Mains powered controller

SL950M Mains Powered Controller

A mains powered controller and MIFARE® reader to control electronic locking devices e.g. mag-lock, electric strike, electric lock etc, lifts, auto doors etc.


  • Integral 2 Amp power supply
  • Battery back up
  • Sleek weather-proof reader
  • Tamper alarm / recording
  • Door interlock
  • Door forced and door open alarm

Standard size w225 x h345 x d80

SL950 Management System

SL950 Management System

  • Easy to use Windows based pc software
  • Comprehensive search and reporting facilities
  • PMS interfacing available
  • Pocket PC for programming, updating and log retrieval
  • Remote pc assistance
  • Card printing with photographic database

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